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Licensed Mental Health Therapist

I believe in the counseling therapeutic process which is vital in the task of achieving change in one’s life. Everyone must cope with life experiences and in some instances those situations become too difficult to handle alone. It is a time in everyone’s life where one may need to obtain assistance with life stressors. There is no shame in seeking out help to take action that is needed for change. Counseling is the catalyst for one to become educated on how to deal with those challenging issues. My view is that counseling is a journey of self-exploration by the client meant to increase their level in understanding themselves in a more enlighten manner. I as a counselor will guide and facilitate that journey. Along that journey I will give essential advice to the client to discover the solutions for those issues. It is also my job to assist in identifying as well as developing and mobilizing the client’s own resources to solve those problems. The goal is to understand the problems the client is dealing with, and then to pursue effective treatment options. I will be supportive and sympathetic to help clients overcome self-imposed obstacles.

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