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Clinical Psychologist


My love for healing began with my country doctor grandmother who seemed to heal everyone by listening, providing herbs, medicines and hugs. It prompted my path to do healing.  


My path continued via Neurological research and medical training at Northwestern University,  Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, opening a private practice, consulting for Business, Industry, lecturing, doing evaluations, individual treatments, all modalities of psychotherapy including couples, family, and group therapy.


Therapy is about mentoring life's issues such as grief, loss, depression, anger, and stress, ultimately facing our fear of abandonment. Resolving problems one step at a time is essential. The best way to do that is to be heard without being judged. The essence of therapy is unconditional acceptance by the therapist, who listens, reflects, and holds the space while the problems unravel, without further disruption to the quality of life. By listening to you, holding your space, and demonstrating unconditional acceptance, healing comes about naturally.

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